Robocar - TB05

Robocar - TB05

Bigger, faster, and meaner than a Donkey Car, running on fully custom software. Built on a Tamiya TB-05 Pro chassis kit.


After building my 1/16 Donkey Car I became aware of the fact that the fastest racers all used 1/10th scale touring cars. Even though I had not yet mastered autonomous driving, I jumped up a scale or two to join them.

Currently the car uses a Jetson Nano for high-level (navigation, vision, autonomy) control and a Teensy 4.0 development board for low level control (sensor interface, steering servo and ESC control signals).

Manual driving is handled by my custom Bluetooth Low Energy transmitter.



Under active development.

Nailed it.

off-road version

Previous iteration with RC buggy wheels and omni-directional camera lens.