Crawler Bot

Crawler Bot

1/8 scale RC Rock Crawler controlled by an ODROID C2 and Parallax Propeller


This was conceived as a robot that could drive around on unprepared surfaces, specifically Aldrich Park at UC Irvine.

I decided I absolutely needed HARD REALTIME performance for a robot that maxes out at a brisk walking pace, so I adopted a Parallax Propeller running C.

The RoboPi robot controller provides an easy Raspberry Pi-compatible interface, servo-style connectors, power handling, voltage level shifting, and analog input.

I learned how to do some neat low-level stuff like bit banging SPI communication with an analog-digital converter chip, but I got distracted by other projects before I got everything working together.



Partially complete. Drivable in manual mode.

On hold while I develop self-driving software on smaller platforms.