My Volvo

My Volvo

A well-loved little car with lots of love, sweat, blood, tears, etc. Still going strong-ish.


My 2006 Volvo S40 is a quirky little car that’s starting to show its age. It has the occasional wiring issue. It has taken some dings. It’s somewhat Scandinavian.

Basically, I can relate.

I also get to fix it!

Things I’ve Done

  • replace right motor mount
  • replace timing belt
  • replace mass airflow sensor
  • install missing (?!) air intake (long story)
  • replace trunk wiring harness and handle
  • replace both front control arms
  • replace inner front driver-side CV boot
  • new spark plugs, several oil changes
  • refresh engine compartment wire harness wrapping
  • replace/upgrade sun roof drain tubes
  • replace door wiring harness connector
  • replace coolant hoses
  • replace burnt-out headlight bulbs
  • replace a side-view mirror destroyed by a car wash (long story)
  • replace door trim destroyed by car wash (see above)

Things I’ve Yet to Do

  • redo the headlining
  • find out why the radio isn’t working
  • reupholster driver door arm rest
  • get some dings fixed